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Once every month or so, we will post one of our selections in our 'showroom'

Here you will find extra information, like forcing time, flowers per bulb size, length of stem and more

Forcing time is difficult to measure as our greenhouse doesn't have a minimal temperature setting, and therefor the Oriental variety 'Le Reve' is planted as well

Under normal circumstances 'Le Reve' needs about 75 days to flower after planting, so in that regard we can figure out the forcing time of the seedling in our 'Showroom.

In case you want to have additional information about the selection on this page, please send us your question('s) to our page 'Contact Us'

Our Selection for the month of November is: Oriental Pot Selection# 434

If you talk about fast and safe, you talk about Selection# 434

Already selected in the blooming season of 2014

Every year since that year, it performed the same: Fast, no leaf scorch and a good number od flowers, which did not fade at all.

A beauty on everyone's table

The ones in the picture are forced like the Oriental selections for cut with no growth hormone or the alike

Forcing time about 75 days

Length about 40 - 45 cm

Our opinion is that the bulb size of 12/14 (cm) will give 2 to 3 flowers.

Our Selection for the month of October is: Selection# 512

Selection# 512 was selected in the blooming season of 2015.

The seasons later it did so well again in the greenhouse as it did this year, so we decided to give this lily more attention via this page.

The forcing time is very fast; about the same time as 'Le Reve' ( 75 days)

The length of the stem is about 125 cm and our opinion is that the bulb size of 12/14 (cm) will give 2 to 3 flowers.

This lily is a healthy grower and so far we haven't seen any scorch when the size of the bulb was big

The length of the stem is about 125 cm

Our Selection for the month of September is: Selection# 776

In our opinion, Sel# 776 is one of the best if not the very best white Oriental so far

The forcing time is short, about 8 days later compare to 'Le Reve'

A forcing time of about 83 to 85 days under normal circumstances

This seedling is very elegant and has nice bud color on a stem of about 50"

The bulb size of 12/14 will probably give 2 to 3 flowers

After opening, the flowers stay clean as the pollen stays on the anthers

The fragrance is moderate