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Blooming time 2024 season:
Each year it is difficult to predict, but we expect that our lily hybrids will start blooming the second part of July and will be in full bloom the last week of that month

The selections are being made, the crosses can make seed and the flowers are de-budded.

Overall it was a very successful year and that will hopefully carries on for the new seedling plantings for 2024.

A part of our seedling field looked like the colors in an Asiatic seedling field; a lot of pastel.

A picture of that section is underneath this message 

A part of the selections, which were made, will be shown on our 'Selections Cut' page.

While looking at them you will conclude, that there are several new colors and color combinations available now in Oriental hybrids.

For the retail we were able to select many new varieties, including Speciosum hybrids.

In contrast to L. Speciosum var. 'Uchida' or 'Album', they will flower 4 weeks earlier and in some cases 6 weeks.

This year, finally after the covid restrictions, we welcomed customers and visitors, who made a flight or trip to see our lilies.

The ones we selected this year will be replanted for next year.

2024 promises to be an interesting year again.

Pastel Mix

Pastel Mix

A year goes fast

The blooming season of 2023 just started last week on a small base. This Monday, July the 10th. it will start on a much bigger scale and we expect to be busy selecting end also de-budding for two weeks or so. The weather looks nice, although the end of next week will be a start of a hot spell.

Hopefully new colors and shape will be found in our seedlings.

According to the growing of the stems it promises to be an interesting season.

Last year (2022) was our 45 year Anniversary in lily breeding.

Hopefully we can add many more years to it.

Our web site has been updated and adjusted as it was getting too many pages

This time it only shows the selections we made during the last couple of years

That doesn't mean you cannot see the ones we selected in earlier years

Most are still growing strong and available

These can be seen, while visiting our company 

A new page, named colored lilies, is added to the website

Here you can see, that there are many colors and its variations in Oriental seedlings 

Please come back on a regular basis as we intent to post one selection on our page 'Showtime' on a regular base

On that page you will find extra information about this particular seedling

A year goes fast

The blooming season of 2022 is over, but, we at Mak-Leek, are glad the 'normal' years are back

No restrictions concerning the coronavirus we were pleased to welcome visitors from America and overseas again.

The 2022 season started very cold and wet and continued doing that  well into the month of May.

The weeds were a challenge as was botrytis, but fortunately we were able to keep everything under control.

The Summer gave us enough time to make our selections.

The ones, which were selected will be planted again for the 2023 season.

2023 promises to be an interesting year

Due to the coronavirus we were not able to welcome any visitors from overseas during the 2020 and 2021 season

Hopefully traveling by plane will be back to normal coming season

Thanks to the very moderate weather there was enough time to observe our seedlings in order to make the right selections

Older' selections from previous years also were tested again this blooming season.

In July of 2017, our hybridizer Johan Mak, celebrated his anniversary of 40 years in lily breeding. Here an article about him by Mr. Chuck Robinson, which was published in the QB of Spetember of that year
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