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You must've noticed, that our web site has changed a lot compare to last year's.

The selections made before 2019, are not posted by their year of selection, but by color

Our opinion is, that this makes it easier for you to compare the same colors in order to make your choice

Please come back on a regular basis as we intent to post one selection on our page 'Showtime' monthly

On this page you will find extra information about this particular seedling

The blooming season of 2019 is over

Thanks to the very moderate weather we had enough time to observe our seedlings in order to make selections

The seedlings in the greenhouse, which were approved again, will be planted in the greenhouse again as well as the many new lilies we selected in our field

2020 promises to be an interesting year

In July of 2017, our hybridizer Johan Mak, celebrated his anniversary of 40 years in lily breeding. Here an article about him by Mr. Chuck Robinson, which was published in the QB of Spetember of that year



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